Promoting Science & Technology In Rural Areas

Now-a-days science has dominated the world in fields has completely transformed the human living conditions providing all types of luxury in their lives.It has brought revolutionary changes and modern civilization cannot be imagined without the contributions of science & technology. But the people living in the rural India are still unaware of many of such achievements and how these could change their lives altogether. In order to aware the rural populace regarding the latest scientific achievements, the society organized a science exhibition at Ambikapur and Baikunthpur Distt.-Surguja and Korea with the active participation of school and college students.Different scientific achievements were displaced in the exhibition by the students and thousands of people from the rural areas visited the exhibition and were excited to know different facts of science. The visitors were benefited from the various information available in the field of agriculture, horticulture, pisiculture, forestry, and industrialization etc. Necessary information was disseminated through booklets to help the visitors to apply the technology in their respective fields and make their lives more meaningful

1. Shri H.S. Jaiswal
Chartered Accountants

2. Shri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Dr. Arun Kumar Choubey
Ph.D. in Economics from Banaras Hindu University.

Head Office-
Schoolpara, MG Road,
District –Korea (C.G.)
1. Branch Office -
Bhanaura, Near Bus Stand,
District – Balrampur (C.G.)
2. Branch Office -
Bhatthi Road, Kedarpur-
District – Surguja (C.G.)