Our Objectives

sbconsultancy Implementation of Watershed Development Programme in degraded land for conservation of water & empower to water user groups in the tribal area.
sbconsultancy Build an equitable life style through livelihood development to alleviate poverty.
sbconsultancy Assess and develop the health based Projects. Capacity building for youths and women for leadership and promoting their skills.
sbconsultancy To provide permanent houses with water and sanitation facilities for better living.
sbconsultancy Promoting gender issues.
sbconsultancy To help develop physical, mental and socio-economic status of the children.
sbconsultancy To provide training to the young adults to make themselves as a productive citizen of the country.
sbconsultancy To undertake rehabilitation programs for old and disabled people.
sbconsultancy To help expedite the development activities through establishing network among government, non-government and private organizations.
sbconsultancy To organize different sports and cultural programs for enjoyment of the peoples.
sbconsultancy To provide legal supports to the oppressed women and children.
sbconsultancy To publish different types of reading materials for mental enjoyment and social awareness and operate library in order to make a literate society and engage the peoples in life- long education.
sbconsultancy To rehabilitate the destitute and landless women through providing proper training to them and engaging them in different development activities and creating opportunities for self employment.
sbconsultancy To rehabilitate the drug addicted through providing proper treatment and creating job opportunities for them.
1. Shri H.S. Jaiswal
Chartered Accountants

2. Shri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Dr. Arun Kumar Choubey
Ph.D. in Economics from Banaras Hindu University.

Head Office-
Schoolpara, MG Road,
District –Korea (C.G.)
1. Branch Office -
Bhanaura, Near Bus Stand,
District – Balrampur (C.G.)
2. Branch Office -
Bhatthi Road, Kedarpur-
District – Surguja (C.G.)