Workshop on Mothers & Child Malnutrition

A one-day programme had been organized on Mother and Child Malnutrion at 6 different places (Podi, Bhaiswar, Khaudri, Vikrampur, Salgava, Badara, Block Sonhat of Korea district) in which 209 women participated. The main object of this workshop was to create awareness amongst poor women regarding malnutirion specially amongst pregnant women. Leading social workers and doctors gave suggestions in this programs.
A new aspect has started on the diarrohea erradication programme.536 beneficiaries of different villages in Surguja and balarampur district had taken part in this campaigns.The object was to eradicate diarrhoea and exploire the reasons for this disease. Audio and video prorgrammes were organized. A “Bal Mitra” scheme has been introduced in which registration of diarrohea cases was undertaken. 132 active workers have been honoured by the society by giving certificate.

1. Shri H.S. Jaiswal
Chartered Accountants

2. Shri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Dr. Arun Kumar Choubey
Ph.D. in Economics from Banaras Hindu University.

Head Office-
Schoolpara, MG Road,
District –Korea (C.G.)
1. Branch Office -
Bhanaura, Near Bus Stand,
District – Balrampur (C.G.)
2. Branch Office -
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