Facilities Available With The Organisation

No. Facility Type
1. Office space Three Offices run in this time All Rented
2. Training Centre Rented
3. Office automation equipments.  
i Computer 2
ii Printer 2
iii Scanner 1
iv Laptop 1
v Phone /Fax 1
vi Photocopier Machine 1
4. Training Equipment  
I Computer 8
ii Shilai Machine 4
iii Beau parlor Equipment 4 set
iv Fabrication Equipment 2 Set
V Bee Keeping Box 20
vi TV, Mobile Repairing Equipment 3 set
vii Wiring Equipment 1 set
Viii Audio-visual equipment 1
ix Camera Digital Video camera-1
Digital still camera -3
x TV 1
xi VCD player 1
xii Audio cassette player/recorder 1
xiii Sound System 1
1. Shri H.S. Jaiswal
Chartered Accountants

2. Shri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Dr. Arun Kumar Choubey
Ph.D. in Economics from Banaras Hindu University.

Head Office-
Schoolpara, MG Road,
District –Korea (C.G.)
1. Branch Office -
Bhanaura, Near Bus Stand,
District – Balrampur (C.G.)
2. Branch Office -
Bhatthi Road, Kedarpur-
District – Surguja (C.G.)