Our Activities

  • For sometime there was a great demand to organize polyvalent (multifaceted) short duration, part time technical courses for various categories of workers, unemployed youths belonging to society at tribal district Korea, C.G. Therefore, alongwith the other socio-economic activities SURGUJA SEVA UNNATI SANSTHA has implemented a new project- JAN SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN (institute of People's Education) in Korea, C.G., with the objective to offer need-based vocational and skill development programs, to provede Life Enrichment Education(LFE) to creat awareness & widen knowledge to organize & impart Training Programs for Key Resource Persons, Master Trainers and the trainees of Vocational Course, to provide Academic & Technical Resource support to Zila Saksharta Samities on Skill Development Programme & to act as the district resource centre on life-related occupational skill development programme. Priority is given adlt, neo-literates/semi-literates,socio-economically weaker section i.e. SCs,STs,BOCs, women, oppressed migrants slum and pavement dwellers and physically challenged. The project sponsored by Ministry of HRD Deptt. of Elementary Education & Literacy, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Agriculture Playing a big role in India agriculture still provides livelihood support to about two-thirds of the country’s population. The sector provides employment to 52.5% of country’s workforce and is the single largest private sector population. Agriculture accounts for about 13.6% of the total export earnings and provides raw material to a large number of industries. To maintain the ecological and balance, there is need for sustainable and balanced development of agriculture and allied sectors. The Society motivated farmers in 87 villages of Surguja and korea district to adopt organic farming and diversification in agriculture.(ii).The Society Organised 3 days Workshop on Bamboo plantation and its processing at Surguja and Korea district of Chhattigarh State.(iii).Training of farmers about new technology, qualitative seeds and how to grow off season vegetable and flowers and how to approach proper market.(iv).The Organization continuing its Nursery Raising Programs. This year the Organization has grown 1300 plants in the Nursery at villages, Ambikapur, district Surguja and distributed them to the farmers.About 3548 plants of different species were distributed.
  • AIDS the dreaded disease is spreading very fast everywhere. There is great need to generate awareness among people especially rural fold on this issue. Surguja, balrampur and Korea district is a tribal rural fold mainly agricultural laborers migrate to nearby cities and towns for their livelihood and return to their places. Therefore, the problems of AIDS spreading in the villages is compounded. As there is no cure to this disease, the next alternate mean is to generate awareness and curtail people bad practices to reduce the problem to the area in mind, SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, has conducted awareness programmes for RTI,STD and AIDS had been organized at 9 different places locations of Sonhat,Rajpur and Sankargarh block of Surguja, balrampur and Korea district of Chhattisgarh State and also at highway. The Camps focused on safe sex practices, use of condoms, safe injecting practices. The Camps generated a good response from villagers and local truck drivers.
  • Decrease of employment resource,lack of facilities for socio-cultural upliftment with the fatal retarding force of imposed urbanization,addiction for drugs and alcoholism has been increasing by an awful degree of late the backward tribal areas like Sitapur Block, Surguja District & Sonhat Block of Korea District become dens of addiction.The tribal youth of the block out of frustration and negative seductive force are getting addiction with drugs or substance abused at large.The Organisation running de-addiction-cum rehabilitation centre at Sitapur Block Surguja District & Sonha Block, Korea District So far 52 victims have been given treatment in the Centre of which at 25% of the treated persons have got re-integration into the formal stream without relapse.
  • The growing problem of ubemployment warrants imparting of vocational education keeping in view the following issues :-There is need to sensitize people on the importance of skill training/vocational education in the context of the problem of unemployment; The vocational courses should be need-based,keeping in mind the constantly changing requirements of technologies/industries;Vocational courses must have a in-built flexibility to allow student to switch courses with changes in demand;Vocational courses should be borne in the services sector;The vocational education scheme should focus on the capacity of local industry to absorb students of a particular trade;Excess of a particular trade needs to be avoided; and Urgent attention needs to be given to training vocational of education teachers. Considering very high level of unemployment in the tribal areas, the SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, has started skill development/vocational education programme on regular basis at Baikunthpur, Balrampur block of Korea and balrampur Districts.
  • The Community Development Programs for Women Empowerment, the SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, adopted holistic approach focussing on the following aspects of their development :-To enable women to learn,earn and lead healthy and productive lives; Increasing incomes and creating employment based on local resources; Ensuring social upliftments of women Capacity building through training, vocational education management skill and creation of opportunities for self-employment and wage employment; Ensuring access to amenities like shelter,safe drinking water and healthy living environment; Ensuring better health by creating an awakening about medicinal plants utilization, food and nutrition, immunization etc; Establishing and consolidating women’s groups particularly Self Help Groups, Cooperatives, development societies etc. This programs organised at Sonhat, Pusla, Damuj, Badra, Bheswar, Aklasarai, Latma panchayats of Sonhat Block of Korea District.
  • By virtue of the education and increasing awareness one can lead to modern living. Many more consumer products are playing a vital role in the life of consumer. At the same time, duplication of brands, sub standard material is also exploiting the consumer interests. With a view of protecting the consumer rights 12 awareness camps were conducted in Surguja districts and enlightened around 573 consumers on their rights and role of consumer forums. Resource persons who attended the camps enlightened the rural masses on various methods by which the Merchants Class is bound to exploit their literacy by providing/supplying sub-standard and duplicate goods to them.
  • Cultural activities are the best medium to create awareness on different issues. The SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA organised several cultural programmes for the healthy entertainment and growth of new art and culture in the Society with a view to create social awareness towards national unity and integrity. It also organized a tribal cultural folk on “Art and Culture of India “ at different places of Korea and balarampur district. The cultural troops focused on burning issues like alhoholism, dowry, superstitions, environment and ecology and family planning. The cultural programmes created a great awareness among the villagers
  • A future is born in the womb of the past, so traditional values are indispensable for an individual and hence for the society, for their all round development in the future. Cultural and moral values form the basis of a person’s overall growth. Our organization has undertaken the programmes of imparting education on cultural and moral values to students at Ambikapur. The objective of this programme is to build and develop an environment which recognizes the special needs of the adolescent students of the country and to sensitize the adolescents about the cultural and moral values. Our Organization emphasized this issue as this social area generally neglected. Courses are designed in a way as to emphasize on moral values as these values are almost extinct from face of our civilization. The present generation do not pay due respect to our traditional norms and cultural heritage. Hence value formation activities were held with traditional enthusiasm and moral education were imparted to the students for their all round development as able citizens of the Nation and torch holders in the unknown path of future.
  • It has become a challenge for us to get familiar with our environment issues and contribute collectively for improving our quality of life. This can only be possible through imparting both formal and informal environment education to each of us young and old and transcending classes of people. Our Society working for community involvement, we know that success of project involvement of community our society working social & cultural activities, wall writing, banners and distribution of advertisement goods. This programs organised at 13 panchayats of Surajpur, Balarampur Block of Surajpur, Balarampur district.
  • A Three-day Workshop organised by Surguja Sewa Unnati Sanstha ,on Forest Rights at Surguja & Balarampur District. About 84 persons participated in this prorgrams. Lawyers,Teacher & Students were invited in this camps.
  • A one-day programme had been organized on Mother and Child Malnutrion at 6 different places (Podi, Bhaiswar, Khaudri, Vikrampur, Salgava, Badara, Block Sonhat of Korea district) in which 209 women participated. The main object of this workshop was to create awareness amongst poor women regarding malnutirion specially amongst pregnant women. Leading social workers and doctors gave suggestions in this programs A new aspect has started on the diarrohea erradication programme.536 beneficiaries of different villages in Surguja and balarampur district had taken part in this campaigns.The object was to eradicate diarrhoea and exploire the reasons for this disease. Audio and video prorgrammes were organized. A “Bal Mitra” scheme has been introduced in which registration of diarrohea cases was undertaken. 132 active workers have been honoured by the society by giving certificate.
  • The majority of country’s population depends on livelihoods derived from natural resources;land,forest,crops,water and minerals etc. The continued degradation and diminution of these resources threaten the economic and social security of individuals,communities and states,as well as theintricate web of ecological,social,economic and cultural relations that binds global community.As farmers lose the ability to produce crops and raise live-stock due to environmental degradation and insecure land tenure,as communities depended on forest see them destroyed,as drought parches previously productive areas,urban centres sell with millions of destitute migrants who join the growing ranks of the underemployed.All too often,these urban centres becomes unhealthy receptacles of human and industrial toxic waste while the poor and disenfranchised become likely targets for ideologies of hate and violence. We have to make farm livelihood more sustainable by providing technology and equipment to level land,bunding it for soil and moisture conservation,improving access to irrigation facilities and drainage and evolving a cropping pattern which does not exert pressure on land and water.Horticulture and agroforestry are farm based activities having potential to support and promote sustainable agriculture. Non-farm based activities include Dairy farming setting up kiosks to vend vegetables,bamboo mats and furniture making. This programs organised at at Balrampur District, Korea District.
  • A Two days camps on Workshop on Indian System of Medical Care was organised by SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, at Revatpur, dhandhapur,chanchi of Rajpur block of Balrampur district. About 553 persons participated in this prorgrams. Resource persons were invited in these camps.
  • The diversity of resources within landscapes whether private common property or state-owned, provides a variety of opportunities for livelihood and assets creation. Though simultaneous or sequential use of resources such as agricultural lands, forest and wastelands, inland water bodies poor households try to patch together their livelihoods and build long-term assets. Indeed, complimentary use of common property or public resources overtime and space is characteristic of traditional communities in country and remains a prominent future of many poor communities in both rural and urban locations. SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA implemented watershed development programmes by adopting following action plan. Reclamation of mined/eroded soil through micro-watershed development programme; Greening of the area through bamboo. plantation provided food, fodder, construction material, handicrafts etc. Development of the area ensured urban amenities in rural area.
  • Now-a-days science has dominated the world in fields has completely transformed the human living conditions providing all types of luxury in their lives.It has brought revolutionary changes and modern civilization cannot be imagined without the contributions of science & technology. But the people living in the rural India are still unaware of many of such achievements and how these could change their lives altogether. In order to aware the rural populace regarding the latest scientific achievements, the society organized a science exhibition at Ambikapur and Baikunthpur Distt.-Surguja and Korea with the active participation of school and college students.Different scientific achievements were displaced in the exhibition by the students and thousands of people from the rural areas visited the exhibition and were excited to know different facts of science. The visitors were benefited from the various information available in the field of agriculture, horticulture, pisiculture, forestry, and industrialization etc. Necessary information was disseminated through booklets to help the visitors to apply the technology in their respective fields and make their lives more meaningful.
  • Road transport sector is the backbone of our economy. The length of National Highways was 65569 kms. This constitute about of 2% of the total road network in the country, but carried about 45% of the road based traffic. The share of Road Transport is going up every year. With increasing traffic, more than 80000 precious lives are lost in road crashes every year. In this context, SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, organized Road Safety Awareness Camps on the occasion of Road Safety days at Ambikapur, Surajpur and Baikunthpur in Surguja, surajpur and Korea District of Chhattisgarh State. Efficient Police Officers of Traffic were invited to the camps.
  • The development of wasteland, degraded lands and rained areas should be implemented in integrated manner. These land should be utilized for food crops. horticulture, agro-forestry and social forestry depending upon the soil characteristics.
  • We have often observed that the women in our society have always been neglected and deprived of their basic rights. They have been confined within the four walls of the house without giving any independence to participate freely in the outside social activities. They have been exploited and become the prey of the cruelty and injustice of the society which can be found from the daily newspapers. If we have an insight to the plight of the ladies in the rural areas then we will observe that there are scores of destitute ladies living unwanted life in our society on the mercy of the others and often being exploited by antisocial elements. Therefore it is imperative to save these ladies from being explouted and rehabilitate them by bringing them back to the main stream of the society. The Organization started the SWADHAR HOME at Ambikapur,Distt.-Surguja,C.G. The centre is running a giving shelter to 22 such ladies living in distressed situations. They are being provided integrated services such as lodging, boarding, healthcare, clothing recreational and legal and emotional counselling,legal assistance along with skill training for their complete rehabilitation.
  • Since independence measures have been taken to bring in a status quo in the difference between resources of employment with respect to population growth and ushering in prospects of creating employment rather than seeking for it.The following vocational training are imparted from self-reliance of rural poor Youth and women :-
    DAIRY FARMING The society has also arranged to organize vocational training programme on Dairy farming for self employment of women at Balarampur Distt.-Balarampur.Now it is a profitable business in the pastoral area. Vocational Training programme was conducted by the reputed trainer successfully.127 women have got skill development training to help them in getting themselves self employment. Already 67 women have started their own small venture.
  • A programme on Street Children/Working Children/Women & Child labour was organised by the society on labour day. In this programme the voluntary aware the public about Street Children Working children/Women & Child Labour and told them about labour act the participants. The society has organised various rally and wall writing at Surguja & Korea district for the welfare of women & child labour in the various villages and towns. The President of the Society in his speech speaks about the value of Women & Child in the community. He also described various rules of the rights of woman is a matter of great concern for all of us.
  • From ancient times to today’s computer age the animals have proved to be their best friend. The human being has used the animals in all types of works but has always neglected them after being useless especially during their old age or during illness. Despite their invaluable contribution, the human being has continued to neglect them when they are old and useless. The domestic animals are the most sufferers. The SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA realizing the problems of such animals decided to work for their welfare. Since last years 4 Aminal Welfare Clubs have been formed in sunderganj GP of Surajpur district mobilizing the people having love and affection for these suffering animals as members. The Organization also trying to establish a temporary shelter with medical facilties for providing treatment and care for these ailing animals.
  • The project management committee of your institution has been reported various cases related to SC/ST and handicapped in the districts. The matter was discussed in the managing committee meeting. The matter was resolved positively to open and run to provide facilities to Backward Classes and handicapped. Our organization is deeply concerned with the problems of handicapped The Organization organised survey, padyatra and workshop at Ajabnagar, silfili, jainagar, pahadgawand Kamalpur of Block Surajpur, Surajpur district.
  • The Organization team members imparted knowledge to the poor, uneducated people to improve basic and preventive health, family planning and importance of nutrition for women during pre-and post natal, children, treatment of common infections diseases etc. In the 9 Blocks (Ambikapur, Lundra, Udaipur, Kusmi, Rajpur Sankargarh & Baikunthpur, Khadgwan, Sonhat) of Surguja, Balrampur and Korea district.
  • Keeping in the mind the objectives of health problems the SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, has been instrumental in taking various concrete steps in the direction of Health. The Society has started a camps at Sunderganj, Rajauli, Revatpur panchayats of Surajpur, Sonhat and Rajpur block of Surguja, Korea and Balarampur district. In these camps the resource persons provide valuable information and importance of yoga regarding health.
  • Children are the future builders of our nation. Therefore to have a strong and prosperous nation in future the children should be nurtured educated, cared and guided properly otherwise the future of nation will be at receiving end. In this context our organization implementing Rajiv Gandhi Cresche Check Program at Village Sunderganj, Block-Surajpur, District- Surajpur, C.G. Grant-in-aid receiving from State Social Welfare Board, Raipur, C.G.
  • SURGUJA SEWA UNNATI SANSTHA, is preparation of detaild project report (DPR) for watershed management programme in surguja districts including database, HHs survey,villege survey, land use patern, worke stimated etc.
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